brand design

What exactly is Brand Design?

Long answer... "A process of creating a unique name and/or image for a product, service or business, with a consistent theme and the aim of establishing a significant and differentiated presence in the market place of that product, service or business, so that it can attract and retain loyal customers."

Short answer... A fab logo, a super colour scheme, or great typography that gives your business (or product or service) a visual and memorable presence in the mind of your customers.

Brand design is all about creating a consistent image that makes your business stand out, as almost every market will be overflowing with competitors.

So how can your business connect with new customers and clients, whilst building lasting relationships, loyalty, and recognition? By ensuring that your brand identity, including all your marketing materials and your website are:


Your brand should be a culmination of elements that bring everything together; your business name is the audible element that puts your brand image in your customers mind, your logo is the brand mark or symbol that serves as the visual element of your brand. Finally a strap-line or tag-line is the memorable or catchy phrase that can provide a quick indication of your product, brand, or service officered.

Remember that good brand design can be summed up in a single word - consistency.

GIGER MEDIA has helped develop brand images for business large and small, and our brand design clients range from start-up and SME business to limited companies. We can support businesses creating a brand image for the first time, and those looking to refresh or update an existing brand.

If you would like to discuss your new brand or have one that needs a little refreshment please do get in touch.