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There are times when an image needs to be more than just a snap. If you need images for your web site, brochure, PR event, or even corporate portraits, why not consider us next time. GIGER MEDIA can provide all forms of photographic and digital image services from straight forward 'pack shots' and product photography for brochures and web sites, to location images for corporate marketing and literature.

You see them in every brochure, on every e-commerce web site, every piece of sales literature - photographic images of products large and small. It's true what they say - a picture does indeed paint a thousand words, and a clean product image will do more to sell an item than just words alone.

Product photography can be one of the most diverse subject matters for a photographer. Products can be only a few inches high or several feet tall. They can be shiny, smooth or textured, making product photography one of the most difficult to get right. We have a purpose built studio and can handle most small to medium sized (approx 5ft / 1.5 meters high / wide max) products. Larger or heavier products can be shot on site if required.

Commercial portraits or 'head shots' are now more popular than ever and are used on everything from team information pages in company websites to corporate brochures and reports. We can setup on-site for formal head-and-shoulders or take reportage style 'in situ' shots in and around the workplace or office for a more creative and informal style.

Image post-processing can provide you with either cropped shots with a background or clipped images with transparent backgrounds depending on your requirements.

We can also carry out digital image manipulation to creatively enhance images, or combine several images or elements together to create a new and exciting image.

If you require further information on our photography and digital image services please get in touch for a quick chat.