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As creatives and designers, we know the difference between designing for web and designing for print - and yes there is a difference. Your website is based on information such as text and images being viewed and read 'on screen' whereas printed information is designed to be read, well, on printed material. The difference... illuminated and reflected, and if you don't understand this don't worry.. most people don't.. thats why we do what we do.

At GIGER MEDIA we know that your web presence is simply not going to cut the mustard based on putting a stack of .jpg images on as page with a mass of 'cut & paste' text. Your website requires a little more attention to detail than that if it is to be taken seriously.

Whether it be a pure hand-built HTML static website, a mobile responsive website, or a WordPress platform website to allow you update content and post blogs or news articles yourself, or even an e-commerce transactional website, we have the skills to get your business looking good and functioning on the web.


We have a range of skills and tools to craft your website into a great looking, functioning web presence, but once your site is live that isn't the end of it.

We now have a range of maintenance and support plans to suit both html built and WordPress based sites, including scheduled content updates, security and hacker protection features, regular backups, priority support and much more. For details on our Maintenance and Support Plans for your website please contact us.

If you require further information on any of our website design and development services please just click below, or get in touch for a quick chat.


Updating website content is an important part of maintaining your brand on the web, and making sure your website content is fresh. It's called Content Management. We can do it.. or you can do it. The choice is yours.

We manage the maintenance and updating of website content for many of our clients who simply don't want the hassle or haven't got the time to get it done. If however you have content that needs to be updated on a regular basis, or simply want the ability to update pages whenever you want, then you need a Content Management system, or CMS.


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CMS Frequently Asked Question's
"Do I need to download or install any software.?"

No - CMS is built into your web site and the relevant program files that makes it all work are loaded onto our hosting server.

"I'm not sure about editing and re-sizing images - can I just edit text.?"

Of course. If you need to have complex image editing and re-sizing carried out, or you just don't have any suitable image editing software, we can do this for you and upload the images, and you can just edit your text.

"Do I need a database to use CMS.?"

Yes you will but don't worry - we will set all that up for you as part of the project. You won't even be aware of a database when you use the system as the front-end (the pretty bit you use to update your website) is very user friendly.

"Will it affect my website with regards to search engines.?"

If anything it will make it better as you will have the ability to edit your text and image content whenever you need to, and as often as you want. By keeping your web site content up to date and fresh, major search engines like Google love to see this, and are more likely to prefer your site over one that hasn't been updated for a long time.

E-commerce - the phrase most commonly used when referring to selling on-line. Products or services, delivered or downloaded, we can get your business trading on-line effectively. Our standard on-line store offering will provide you with:

  • A fully functional database driven on-line store.
  • A back end administration area for product management.
  • Customer order confirmations.
  • No software to install - all web based.
  • Payment options built-in as standard including Cheque with order, COD, collection, and PayPal.

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Detailed feature list


We can also provide bespoke customisation for client specific functionality should the standard feature set not meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Many businesses large and small are now recognising the benefits of custom built database applications, built to run completely on-line, as opposed to 'off the shelf' software installed directly on their computer.

If your business requires a custom built application or database accessible from any web connected workstation, for either user/multiple users or customer-based access, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. Tailored on-line solutions for our clients include:

  • Custom built transactional solutions.
  • Client and sub-contractor management system.
  • Support request and quotation system for an IT company.
  • Various customised payment solutions.
  • All-in-one trade/wholesale/retail discount order e-commerce site.