A bit about us..

GIGER MEDIA (pronounced 'guy-ger') is a small creative marketing and brand image company providing graphic design, website design, illustration, print, photography and marketing support services, established back in 1995 based in the UK in Lincolnshire.

Our aim is to bring all your creative marketing needs together, on the web, in digital format, and in print.

Offline: We provide hard copy printed marketing materials such as leaflets, brochures and flyers, along with display and exhibition, business print, branding and promotion services to help our clients push their business, services or products.

Online: Our web design and build services, in either pure HTML or on the WordPress platform, along with social media support can be integrated into a design and marketing project to boost your online presence.

Market Sector: We have no specific client type or industry, preferring instead to focus on our skills and continued development in design and marketing, and offering these specialisms across the board to everyone as opposed to a specific market sector.

Client types: We have worked with a wide variety of different client types and businesses including:

• Professional services such as financial, accountants and legal

• Retail, high street and trade suppliers

• Schools and educational support businesses

• Pharma and encapsulation technology

• Food and food technology

• Manufacturing

• Building & restoration

• H&S

• Sports and leisure industry



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We are a Channel Partner of Nominet UK

We are a Channel Partner of Nominet UK

We are a SagePay Partner

SagePay Partner

Our 'client only' hosting servers are located in the UK
Our servers are hosted in the UK

the core team

They said set the office how you want it..


Taken at the Star Wars 2015 Celebration convention in LA


Tony | creative director

Founder of GIGER MEDIA and lover of vector based artwork.

A film lover and member of the 501st UK Garrison, he gets just as excited as a client when designs and concepts are approved, and shares all their gusto when a project goes live or is sent to print.

Likes: Star Wars, James Bond, Corel, Vans, Dreamweaver, Win7 64bit, Assassins Creed, Judge Dredd, Alien, expensive gin.

Dislikes: Comic Sans, cheap cutlery, the Jonathan Ross Show, excessive packaging, Apple & iPhone love.

Star Wars passion




josh | padawan

Josh has a great customer service background and brings a fresh pair of eyes and mindset to the team.

The latest member of teamgiger, Josh is charged with handling our in-house production work, and assisting in getting our design and artwork projects through to completion.

Likes: Gym, MMA, 2pac, Star Wars, 8 out of 10 cats, David Attenborough, Lion King, Grey Goose.

Dislikes: Beetroot, dawdling, Taylor Swift,

Text editor.. check. No colours.. check. No graphics.. check. Happy bunny.


stewart | code monkey

Website development purist and problem-solver, shuns all mod-cons for the cold comfort of a simple text editor. The clever brain behind some of our new database driven projects. Every project is lovingly carved from sustainable hand grown blocks of code.

Stewart is often found utterly entranced by the computer screen and muttering in languages few can speak, the only cure for which is for someone to mention tea.

Likes: Wargaming, Digging for Victory, Real Ale, online gaming, Sudoku, Comic Sans.

Dislikes: Fancy web-editor tools, Reality/Talent TV, the limited number of hours in the day.

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MAX - our digital assistant


max | digital assistant

The 'virtual' member of our team, Max is our digital buddy who is frequently called upon to prepare proposals and quotations, manage our workflow, and generally free up our time for more creative pursuits.

Doesn't like tea or coffee, or any liquids for that matter. His best friend is Tron and he has a pet RAM.

Likes: Quotations, proposals, process management, job assignments, The Matrix.

Dislikes: Excel, Notepad, Outlook, fresh air, the real world.

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Whilst we provide creative services that result in the production of websites, graphics, and print, we made a conscious decision years ago to complete the service we offer our clients.

We have never understood the premiss of designing and then building a website for a client.. and then sending them off somewhere else to have it hosted, or using a mass-shared system with 1,000's of other unknown websites on the same server. So, back in June 2000 we made the decision to invest in our own website hosting and email servers specifically for our clients needs - we call it 'Client Only Hosting'.

For print and output we have partnered with print companies that can provide a wide range of stocks and quality finishing services.

Nominet Members and Channel Partner

We provide a professional domain name management service and can search, register, and manage all your domains names for you. GIGER MEDIA are full members of Nominet UK, operating our own dns servers.

...and unlike many domain re sellers we register YOUR names to YOU or YOUR business, not ours.

For more information on our domain name services please click here.

Reliable 'Client Only' hostingLet's make this clear first off - we are not re-sellers - we have our own dedicated 'client only' website hosting and email servers based here in the UK, not abroad (we do like to wave the flag when we can) allowing us to provide a managed, safe, and secure environment for your website.

With a 99% guaranteed uptime and unlimited bandwidth, our hosting service is designed specifically with our clients in mind.

For more information on our 'client only' web site hosting services please click here.

We do our bit. Yes, we do have a green and ethical policy, and no not just because it's trendy - we've done it for ages and to be honest it makes good business sense. We try to consider everything before making a decision, from our choice of business bank to the paper we use in the office, the tea and coffee we drink, even down to what and how we print certain items for some of our clients.

Have you got your recycled CD case GIGER MEDIA pen and pencil..?We actively encourage all our clients to settle their accounts by BACS or to use our secure GIGER FastPay system as this is not only easier for all concerned, it saves on unnecessary postage, envelopes, traffic and therefore fuel.

Even our black GIGER MEDIA branded pens and pencils are green (gedit.??). They are made from recycled plastic CD cases. What do you mean you haven't got one of these..? Every client should have these on their desk so next time we meet, just ask.